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  • woot 
    @woot Dallas, TX | in Technology
    Recently tweeted:
    $19.99 : Samsung Bluetooth Headset w/$20 Mail-In-Rebate
    about 6 hours ago
  • CraigyFerg
    Craig Ferguson 
    @CraigyFerg Los Angeles, CA | in Entertainment
    Recently tweeted: Whilst practicing yoga I noticed my left hand has become enormous. #nomorebabyphotossodontask
    about 9 hours ago
  • clark7365
    Chris Spencer 
    @clark7365 Seattle | in Staff Picks: NFL Playoffs
    Recently tweeted:
    RT @Seahawks RT @raheembrock: Thanks for the love #12s
    5:50 PM Jan 14th
  • toptweets
    @toptweets Everywhere | in Taggrt
    Recently tweeted:
    RT @basementsystems: Awesome! Woods Basement Systems installed "enough WaterGuard to Scale Mt. Everest 20 times!" in #MO and #IL http:// ...
    about 3 hours ago
  • DailyParentTip
    Daily Parenting Tip 
    @DailyParentTip in Family
    Recently tweeted:
    Product Pick of the Week: 'ABC Song Piano' iPhone App by @Kiboomu ->
    about 11 hours ago
  • virsanghvi
    vir sanghvi 
    @virsanghvi Delhi, India | in News
    Recently tweeted: Parallax View: A strong Opposition and a free media will ensure that India never goes the Egypt way
    about 21 hours ago
  • OfficialOzzy
    Ozzy Osbourne 
    @OfficialOzzy in Music
    Recently tweeted:
    Ozzy teaches the world how to be “normal” in this amazing spot for Brisk. Check it out!
    about 17 hours ago
  • eartheats
    Earth Eats 
    @eartheats Bloomington, Indiana | in Food & Drink
    Recently tweeted:
    RT @m1k3y: “In America food has become the premier marker of social distinctions, that is to say—social class" - ( ...
    about 8 hours ago
  • Buy_com 
    @Buy_com Orange County, Ca | in Deals
    Recently tweeted:
    Watch @melissadsalas of's BuyTV host the top in entertainment : like us! RT#BuyTV #ifyouonlyknew #imgood
    about 12 hours ago
    @NASAJPL Pasadena, Calif. | in Science
    Recently tweeted:
    Sick of the #snowpocalypse? This #3DThursday, take a virtual trip to @NASA's JPL in sunny SoCal:
    about 13 hours ago
  • PeterSGreenberg
    Peter S. Greenberg 
    @PeterSGreenberg Traveling | in Travel
    Recently tweeted:
    Here's the complete guest list for this Saturday's radio show in Port St. Lucie...
    about 11 hours ago
  • whonews
    WHO News 
    @whonews Geneva, Switzerland | in Health
    Recently tweeted:
    @sunnyskystar WHO never do such rating about loneliness
    3:08 AM Feb 3rd
  • jack_welch
    Jack Welch 
    @jack_welch New York | in Business
    Recently tweeted:
    Just spoke w/ my MBA students about Taco Bell. In terms of crisis management, they did it right.
    about 18 hours ago
  • 1bog
    1 Block Off the Grid 
    @1bog San Francisco | in Charity
    Recently tweeted:
    @adamhill Only 1.5 acres if you buy flour instead of growing it. And some apparently do it with much less land!
    about 8 hours ago
  • Eklund
    Hockey Buzz Eklund 
    @Eklund Pennsylvania | in Staff Picks
    Recently tweeted:
    Watching the Preds live now and very impressed. They remind me of "The Bruins of the west". Tough goaltending. All star d man. Hard working.
    about 9 hours ago
  • ericwareheim
    eric wareheim 
    @ericwareheim los angeles | in Funny
    Recently tweeted:
    rip di di dip @timheidecker
    1:27 AM Feb 3rd
  • BretEastonEllis
    Bret Easton Ellis 
    @BretEastonEllis Los Angeles | in Books
    Recently tweeted:
    Just saw a rom-com where Natalie Portman sticks her fingers up Ashton Kutcher's ass. I'm left wondering: why didn't I like this movie more?
    10:00 PM Jan 31st
  • smashingmag
    Smashing Magazine 
    @smashingmag Freiburg, Germany | in Art & Design
    Recently tweeted:
    #followfriday @KuraFire @rachelandrew @kissmetrics @fchimero @humanstxt @IATV @anna_debenham @jonraasch @marcedwards
    29 minutes ago
  • CindyBoren
    Cindy Boren 
    @CindyBoren in Sports
    Recently tweeted:
    RT @SI_PeterKing: "It's getting to be the witching hour for Maurkice,'' Mike Tomlin told me after practice. Not looking good for Pouncey.
    about 11 hours ago
  • threadbanger
    @threadbanger NYC | in Fashion
    Recently tweeted:
    Win a trip to London by telling your #myfirstcar story! Details from @Vain_Glorious
    12:58 PM Jan 25th
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